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Paris is *Gasp* Smart

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I would really rather make fun of Paris Hilton than give her props. Actually, writing this is really annoying me but the girl does have some brains. No, I'm not talking about how she's acted during the whole jail fiasco or her DUI or any of that. I'm just saying that she's not as dumb as she acts. I know for a fact that Paris does have a dumb girl act where she talks in her whispery Marilyn Monroe voice. Her real voice is a lot deeper and it's really funny to hear her go from whispery dumb blonde to cursing like a sailor in her regular voice.

Also, Paris is very strong and definitely strong enough to deal with being in solitary confinement in jail. If she was strong enough to be on time for filming The Hottie and the Nottie the day after came out, then she's a survivor. Is Paris strong enough to deal without psychotropic drugs in life jail? No.

Contrary to popular belief Paris does work, and she works hard. I'm still not convinced that Nicky Hilton works much at all, though.

TBC...later today with some more facts vs. fictions. Let's just say that US Weekly isn't always right

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I'm excited to hear the revelations!

Aha! I knew it.

I've always thought Paris wouldn't've gotten so far on her questionable qualifications if she wasn't pretty darn smart.

She's made porn and drugs for her career and that's not hot nor smart

I love my fellow Aquarian, Paris. I've always known she was a smart girl. She's an Aquarian, of course she's got brains. JEEZ. Besides, the Bible even says "a wise man never tells all that he knows". If she showed her all her cards, she couldnt bluff later on. ;)

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