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Britney Has Promise

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TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears is leaving rehab this week (duh! it will be a month tomorrow) and that "she's made one of the most amazing turnarounds in celebrity memory....She's literally turned her life around." The person telling TMZ these things is obviously on drugs and setting Britney up to fall hard if she relapses--which is very likely after being in rehab for only a month. But I'm sure I'm just being overly cynical and that Britney will now be doing wholesome activities like going to AA meetings, shopping, and baking cookies with her sons post-Promises. Just pray that she stays away from Lindsay I'm-sober-yeah-right Lohan.

TMZ also has the scoop on Brit and Kev's custody battle. If it's true that Britney and Kevin are on good terms and in agreement of a 50/50 split custody of their two sons, then that's positive. Britney will allegedy eventually get full custody of the boys and Kevin will have visitation rights.


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