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Rehab is Too Trendy

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood

[Breakfast: melted swiss cheese on wheat bread. low-sodium V8]

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Jesse Metcalf should not have gone to rehab. That was a dumb career move. I know that last weekend he was allegedly banned from the Mondrian for being a dick to the hotel staff after partying too hard during a four day stay, and he blew up at the doorman of The Sky bar (do people still go there?) when he was denied entrance. But there's no proof that he's an alcoholic. He just got back from shooting a Nazi-horror film called "Town Creek" in dreary Romania. What do you expect? Yeah, that's the spin, people. He should have just apologized for being rude. You don't go to rehab when you don't have a career. IMDB shows that Jesse has no upcoming movies. I hope he has a raunchy sex tape hidden in one of his closets. He'll need some cash after paying off his bills from rehab.

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